Venice Rising: Aqua Granda, Pandemic, Rebirth


All proceeds from the sale of this book are donated to the following charities:

All local organisations that protect Venice's cultural and ecological future. Scroll down to find out more about the work they do to try and protect this unique city.

Our mission:

We are here Venice is a non-profit association that addresses Venice’s challenges as a living city and advocates evidence-based approaches to policy making. We operate both as a think thank and activist platform, collaborating with scientists and residents. We monitor, measure and analyse critical parameters from an objective standpoint, combining academic rigour with social entrepreneurship. We address the rising water levels, changing lagoon circulation and air quality issues through research and workshops, and we endeavour to find economically viable alternatives to the tourism mono-culture.

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Since 2012, No Grandi Navi (no big ships) has been campaigning to stop large cruise liners from docking in the city. Main concerns include the hydrodynamic effects caused by the transit of ships (which displace thousands of tons of water as they pass) on an ancient, fragile and delicate urban fabric and on the lagoon environment. In addition, the volume of passengers discharged by these ships adds only a modest economic contribution to the city. Urgent and effective policies are required to reduce the air pollution, environmental damage and constant risks that cruise ships bring to Venice.

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Focusing on three main points: territory, community and innovation, Venice Calls exists to protect the lagoon territory and to create new opportunities for meeting and discussion for the community. We will co-operate with any group or association in an attempt to safeguard Venetian society and restore the care and protection of the city and its lagoon. Venice Calls aspires to become a lively centre of debate for young Venetians and all those who want a different future for the city: greater attention to the environment and to the wishes of its people. The call of Venice conerns everyone, young and old alike.

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